Celebrating freedom for Winston

July 19th 2013 was one of those special days that bring such joy to all of us who have been walking alongside our prisoners for so long!

Winston Clinton from Liberia who was one of Ellen Broerse’s  first prisoners on her list in 1995. He was released from Bangkwang prison. He served God as a worship leader for many years and ran the race with dignity and kept the faith under 19 years of hardship. He gave spiritual encouragement and Godly inspiration and wisdom not only to his fellow prisoners, but also to our team.

We are extremely grateful to God and give Him all the glory for what he has done and what He is still doing to do.

Winston was released and married our dear Dutch friend Adrienneon July 20th in the Immigration Detention Centre. After his release they flew out  back to Winston’s homecountry of Liberia where they both want to serve God as missionaries.

We celebrate the happy ending of a journey.