Words of Hope

Words of Hope through letters of encouragement

Through the power of words we aim to give voice to Isaiah 61: 1 which urges us to proclaim freedom for the captives and release the prisoners from darkness. By writing a letter to somebody in prison we aim to:

  • Establish a friendship
  • Communicate the love of Christ by reaching out to the seemingly “forgotten”
  • Encourage prisoners and be a window to the outside world

As the number of prisoners grows and the word spreads of the availability of pen pals, the requests stream in. Over the years our ministry area has expanded. Initially we focused on Bangkok and nearby prisons. Since 2013 the north-eastern part of Thailand called Isaan, has been added to the ministry outreach.

It is important to keep in step with the changes and needs of our brothers and sisters behind bars. In Isaan, English is NOT widely spoken or read. The prisoners don’t have access to translators for the letters and the guards can’t read the content to screen it either. 

Since 2018 the responsibility for letter- writing to inmates in this region has been redirected to our local Thai Christians. We are blessed by this encouraging step.

A letter written in Thai by a local Christian, shifts our words of hope outreach to Thai home soil. This proses will be ongoing but we know that it will truly bless the inmates.

How it works

Currently there are many Australians and pen pals in other areas of the world who continue to write to somebody in other Thai prisons.  We are thankful for your faithfulness to write and encourage your pen friend. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Your contribution is most valued and appreciated.


Pastor Klom Kaenpudcha is our contact person in Isaan for letter- writing. If you can write in Thai and wish to become part of their team, please contact him as the Thailand branch facilitator 


We encourage you to contact us. We would like to share stories from our pen friends, get to know more about the prisoners in all regions in Thailand and exchange ideas on how to encourage our friends inside prison.

Please see some of the feedback we receive from prisoners in their letters to us under snippets from letters or be encouraged by reading the testimonies section.

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