Walk for Hope 2016

The Walk for Hope is an attempt of a few supporters of Hope Behind Bars to fundraise for the next step. Hope for those behind bars start to fade quickly once they have been released. Many inmates re-offend within the first 2 years after their initial release. They end back in a system which held them captive for many years because they have been unable to survive in a world which has become foreign to them. Unable to cope without the necessary skills required for survival, they relapse and end up where they started – behind bars.

This walk aim to take a step toward “hope beyond bars”. This hope will come in the form of a place called Hope Farm which will serve as a half way house for released inmates on parole in the north-eastern part of Thailand. It is a dream which can be realised by those who support the belief of second chances. It will only come about by the combined efforts of many who rally behind us.

We have chosen a well trodden path, the Camino de Santiago as our route. We are welcoming you to join us on our journey here and on FaceBook.

Our self-guided walk which will cover almost 800km, will commence August 31st 2016 and last for 40 days. The journey will be both a physical and spiritual journey and we welcome your support as we share with you our daily observations and experiences.

The information below is but a snapshot of what we hope to see and experience. Many have walked this route before us.

We hope to walk on behalf of those who can’t , those who depend on others to extend hope to them. Join us on this journey in all its stages from preparation to execution to reflection. Our hope is build on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, our righteousness.

Here is what Ellen Broerse, founder of Hope Behind Bars has to say: