From behind bars – February 2019


People look at the outside but it is not permanent. Before prison, I focused on the outside and material things. In prison I have learn’t  that peace comes from the inside. Your skit made it more clear to me.


I was introduced to Jesus when I was young but did not accept him. Later in life I was a village chief. Ten years ago I was involved in politics. I was a proud man, I felt I had to dress well and impress society. My sister invited me to church again.  I never thought I would end up in prison. A year ago I was finally arrested. Still, my sister didn’t give up. I thought I had to find out about this Jesus. I was so worried about my case. In April 2018 I accepted Christ and was baptised in August.


I came from a wealthy family. I was a playboy but attended Catholic school until I was fifteen years old. I never knew God. A drug case landed me here in prison. I received a 40 years sentence. I have served eight years already. I was a proud man, arrogant and stubborn. I surrendered to God in here and started studying the Bible 4 years ago. I have learnt that the Bible has the answers to my questions.


I wanted to have fun in life. I was naughty. I didn’t care about my family. I mostly stayed in a boxing club. I received special teaching from Christians but I didn’t accept Jesus. Two years ago I ended up in prison. In another prison, a Christian brother taught me about Jesus. I joined the Christian activities but it didn’t really change my life. I attended the worship but later withdrew from the group . One day I was moved to this prison. Here a brother invited me back to the Christian group. Here I have learnt from others. I was baptised in 2018. God has changed my heart. My mother has also become a Christian.


I dropped out of study after school. My life had no meaning.  I felt nobody loved me. After coming to prison, I accepted Jesus and started feeling His love. This love fills my heart and my relationship with God is growing.


I knew God for twelve years. I then had a boyfriend who influenced me and I started drifting away from God. Life became harder. I gathered debt.  In prison Gods love still pursued me. He reminded me that He loved me.


I have told a lot of people that life is not fair. I felt people didn’t understand me. I was angry. When I became a Christian, I was again criticized. But now, I am determined to stay and follow Him and never turn back.


I met Jesus when I was in hospital . I had ovarian cancer, stage 3. There was a Christian lady who needed oxyzen all the time but she came to me and asked if she could pray for me. Nobody else visited me but her. I believe in Jesus.


I believed I was a good person, but people didn’t give me credit for my good deeds. They just didn’t care. When I came to prison, I found somebody who truly cares about me.


I was a singer. The outside world didn’t care about me. My life had no value. Here inside prison we see that God send his people to come and encourage us here.


I used to feel that I am not successful. I came from a poor family. People looked down on me. Since I believed in God, something has changed. I believe there is something positive.


I used to do a lot of good things but it didn’t help me to have favour. A good thing is only a good thing when you have faith in God.