Snippets from letters from inmates

November 2017

  • I go to church every Saturday and Sunday. It opened the eyes of my heart and helped me to see the picture of a better future. At this moment I can say that I surrendered to Jesus and worshipped Him with all my heart. I realize that I belong to Him. When I was on the outside world there was no hope in my life. Since I found Jesus I also found hope. Once I thought I had lost all I ever had but now I am found. Jesus changed my life and outlook. Now I am happy.

June 2016

  • My future is not sure, it is true but all I know is that as I have the opportunity to know God, my God must surely take good care of me and see me through in the time to come.
  • I know that I don’t have knowledge like some other people but I am not afraid to mix with others because my God will surely direct me and give me the best.
  • Thank you for the wonderful Bible verses you sent me, it is very good and encouraging to me.
  • I thank you and the group that brought us the love of God and I really look forward to see you next year.