Finishing well – November 2018

It is difficult to finish well. Sometimes it is even more difficult to persevere in order to finish well. We are pausing to reflect and say thank you to the Perth team who have faithfully visited prisons in and around Bangkok for the past 24 years.

During November 9-16th the team concluded their last visit to Thai prisons. This decision did not come lightly. This post celebrates the conclusion of years of selfless giving and investing into the lives of men and women behind bars in Thailand. Ellen Broerse has led many teams over the years to go and visit men and women inside prison who have been mostly ignored by their families and the rest of the world.  She encouraged many pen pals to write to a strangers behind bars. Through the ongoing communication over months strangers eventually became friends.

The driving force behind this outreach has always been the hope founded on an unwavering belief in the Good News of the Gospel. Everything that has been done, money raised, letters written, trips planned had been bathed in prayer. Many inmates have returned to their countries of origin after their release because of the generosity  and faithful giving of volunteers.

There is much to say. Words can not sufficiently express the emotions an inside prison visit evokes. The faces of the men and women, the singing together, the testimonies shared, letters of thanks ultimately to a God who has not abandoned them. The memories will stay with all of us forever.

It is not the end of the road for this ministry. It is just the end of an era. We will continue forward. I can only express my gratitude to Ellen for being obedient to the calling on her life, for stepping out and allowing others to partake and follow. It mattered.

May the peace and blessings of God be yours always.

In gratitude on behalf of us all.