Snippets From Prison

March 2015

  • My dream once I have been released is to do the work of God as much as I can because our God look after me since I have been in Thai prison.
  • God’s Spirit fills us with joy when we give Him our praise and our full attention. There is healing in the songs we sing to Him. I love to be in a place where the people around me are all fully connected to praising God.
  • Thank you for trying to find us pen friends for our Christian sisters. We pray for you and know that God always provide everything for us.

April 2014

  • Though I have been a believer and involved with Christian group in prison for nearly 10 years,  I never experienced being a complete child of God until you and your HBB team had come and baptized me with the others on Jan. 29th. The joy overflowed my soul and heart .Now I walk with singing, I walk head-up proud of being a complete child of God. I am saved, heaven is my home.  Thank you so much Pastor Promma and team.   Do know for sure that you and your team’s visit had brought to us indescribable hope and unspeakable encouragement for living.”
  • I am very grateful that I can be a part of Jesus’ family. I know Jesus loves us and you too. We are still remembering your last visit that made us have power and fill us with love from Jesus. I thank God that we don’t know each other before but Jesus made us know each other and love all of us. Thank you too much for everything that you gave us.
  • On the day I received the money you sent, the tears of joy and excitement were running of my eyes. Since the first day I was put in prison, I have never had any money in my prison account and no one visit even once. But now, all I have , come from you. So thank you very much that you have been blessed to help me and encourage me.

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  • “I thank God to have me for His use here. Six years in this prison. He blesses me with countless blessings.”
  • ” In fact the prison is not the end of my life, but the new beginning of my life in Christ”
  • ” I don’t always understand why things happen but am very sure of one thing: My Lord will see me through. He will continue to strengthen me so he can use my life to share His love with others and help them find their way”
  • “Yes, I am loved by God, even though the situation we find ourselves in is unfair, painful or humiliating. That doesn’t mean that God has stopped loving us! God is always working things out for the good for those who love Him. Praise and honour are His forever”

October 2011

  • “Thank you, you give us hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless”
  • “Out there I was lost – inside I am found”
  • “Thank you so much. Would you mind if I call you “sister”. I am so glad and happy to see your photo. I hope I get more letters from you.”
  • “Sometimes when I have a problem the first I did is pray and read Bible, after that feel good. Not tense.”
  • “I feel very lonely but after I got your letter, I have power again. Thank you God that let us meet each other”
  • “The weather here is not so good, someday is hot, some day is cool. But I feel warm because I have you as my sister – my friend”
  • “Your letter encouraged and refreshed me up. I feel that this is a great miracle in the love of Jesus Christ that happens to me. I have never thought before that there will be anybody write to a person like me … Please know that, as you are reading this letter I am also praying that GOD indwells, strengthens and blesses you with all of people in your family (I always love to hear from you)”.
  • “I had a letter from you and I am very glad for I am getting from you by the Love of Jesus. I have been in prison more than 12 years, I have never got a letter from others, so that I do thank God and you so much.”
  • I write to bless you and your ministry team who have untiringly supported us individually and our church at all times. When our combined faith seems to be flickering and our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds and our rights become darker than a thousand midnights, your love, care and generosity bring the power to turn our dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. I wanted you to know that we are constantly praying to the Lord who heareth the poor and despises not his prisoners (Psalm 69:33) .. to make all grace abound toward you that ye always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work (2 Cor 9:8)

February 2011

  • “It was such a joy to receive your letter, a lovely card and to hear from you. I am also very thankful to God that He provides us with an opportunity to meet each other, and that I feel it is a blessing for me. Not many people want to write to prisoners, especially a person like me. For God’s love that enables us to take up contact and getting to know each other – I in Thailand and you in Australia. Is it marvellous? I wrote a letter to my brother to tell him about your help. and he said: “How can it be?” And I shared him God’s love in Jesus.”
  • “Here in Klongpai, we had already celebrated the Christmas on last 25th December. We were all very happy and on that day we were talking a lot about all of you. Thanks to God, thank you so much for being so kind and blessing us”
  • “Anthea, I thank you very much for your kind letters to me. I admit that your letters always encourage and freshen me, especially when I feel lonely I love to read your letters – you are still with me.”
  • “First let me thank God and thank you very much for your kind letter. It reached me safely on April 23rd. All along I always keep in my mind is thinking that, I only go through life once and nobody accepts me as I am. But when I got your letter, that means you still have me in sight. So, thank you again to write to me Sally. I am getting very lonely.”
  • “Just received your wonderful letter. It really has brightened my day.
    What you had to pass on to me is really good and clear medicine.
    Thank God and you so much for the grace, pure love and concern that you have given to me.”
  • “I am very glad to receive your letter. Thanks to God for he give you chose my name of groups in one from Thailand.”
  • “I was finally arrested. So court sentence me 50 years and send me to prison .I am very regret and haven’t life for the continuing to go on. So I have found a Christian and he advised me read the Bible. I know Jesus Christ and accept Him as my saviour, so I have found the light way in my life and I have the will power and hope for new life in Jesus Christ. I hope one day I will be with my family. I have been living in prison for 5 years, and nobody come to see me.”
  • “But I am very fortunate because all the time I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing and studying for passing the time because nothing is better than this, I have learnt a lot to be content and to accept myself (see memory verse Phil 4:11-13). So I have no any problem about my living life like other inmates. Thank God for His wonderful love.”
  • “I thank God every day that He has given me a very good sister. Your name is written in my heart. You’re always in my prayers and in my thoughts”