Testimonies From NongBua Lamphu

September 2014

I am a sinner, I want to be free of sin and find salvation. My past life was very difficult. I am now 28 years old. After 20 years I had bitterness in my heart. My parents had separated and I had to go and live away from home . I lived with my Grandma and 7 other grandchildren. We were very hungry. I tried to stay with her and started to work. I did not receive any love.

During this time I started meeting with gangs. I really wanted to belong to a family but my life didn’t happen as I had wished for. At home there were lots of quarrels and my life got worse. I met some bad people and I committed a crime.

I ended up in prison and when I first arrived here I was very afraid. A man came to me and gave me a Bible and I read it. My old life has been destroyed, I now have a new life.live streaming movie Raw online

I have been a Christian for 3 months and hope to be released in a few months. My future is uncertain but I know that God will provide and comfort me.

Mr L

My friend invited me to come to the Christian group. I thought to myself: How can this be? I have a tattoo! I tell you that God is real. When you ask, you will receive. I wanted to be a pretty girl so I used special cosmetics on my face. It made me ugly and did not work. I had scars on my face. I prayed to God to heal me. Then I asked him for love. He gave me love.

I want to encourage others to open their hearts. God is with us always. I am confident that I am a child of God.

Ms L