Perth newsletter January 2017

The latest newsletter from Perth:


The new Thai King, Rama 10, granted an amnesty for prisoners on December 10th 2016. This meant a double amnesty for the year. Some of our favourite sons and daughters have been released to freedom. We rejoice with them as they start the new year as free people, home with their families. The HBB team has been busy over this holiday period, in helping with money for bus and plane fares etc. Thank you to those pen pals and others who have willingly given to help their prisoner pen pals home. Two Nepalese have excitedly phoned their pen pals from Khatmandu, already!

Klong Pai Visit

As reported the Thai team visited Klong Pai prison on December 13th. We rejoice in the baptism of 55 men and the 85 attendees who heard the gospel message. We are also delighted they took communion together. We give praise that Pastor Promma now has a fully repaired car, after it broke down on the way to this prison. It is essential for prison ministry.


Ellen has continued to have some private sales of pearls by special arrangement, but our main pearl sale will again be prior to Mothers Day. Our fundraising enables us to extend mercy and compassion where it is needed, and is vital to our efforts. Thank you for your support.

Letter Writing Date

We have set a date for our next group letter writing on Monday, February 13th  at Ellen’s house, from 2-5pm.