Last testimonies – Thailand 2017

The final page of testimonies from prisons in Isaan 2017.

NakhonPhanom prison


I am so grateful to God that we can know each other. I thank God that I have been in prison one year. I thank God that my sentence have been reduced after amnesty and that I have to serve a minimum of another 8 years.  I am older than 60 years and I have a daily routine. I open cell room doors every morning and evening for more than 500 prisoners here. While I am here God protects my wife and children. My children has studied at university and I thank God for His mercy in my life.


Before I didn’t know God. When problems came, I didn’t know how to solve my problems. After two years in prison, I found God. I also wondered if the word of God was different from other books.  In here I tasted the sweetness of the Word. I learnt that the Bible had verses, chapters and books. My life started to change. When I have a problem I can pray to God. Everything is better.  I was a bad boy. I ignored God. I wanted revenge. Now I am left with only forgiveness.

I do not lack anything. I can witness about God’s provision, it always came even when I had nothing to eat.  I have served 15 years now. In the beginning I received a life sentence, it has now been reduced to 13 years and I have only 2 years left. I will follow God. I am so happy to  see you before my release. My time in prison has not been wasted. I know God has a plan for my life and in His appointed time I will be released.


I received a life sentence. I have been fighting my case for 7 years. I spent 12 years in Klongpai. In Klongpai I had no one to turn to. I was anxious, I didn’t know anybody. One Sunday I heard the sound of music, singing but I didn’t recognise the songs. One inmate (who has now been released Supot) explained to me that they were praising God. But I didn’t know this God. He invited me into the group. They have a very good program there. Every Saturday they meet to do Bible study. I got to know God , I decided to follow Him. After 2 months I decided to accept Him and my faith has grown so much. I learnt’ how to pray together, it touched our hearts. We felt encouraged and happy. For 2 years I studied hard, I was trusted in the prison. (This was unusual for a drug case to be trusted)

Many came to know Jesus. I was then transferred to this prison. Here are many Christians, I thank God. He helped me to be strong in Him. My wife and children came to visit me also.


Before I knew Jesus I was a Buddhist. I also worshipped the devil. I met Christ in Udonthani prison. I was sentenced 20 years. I got to know God through Christian inmates. Before, I despised Jesus. I wanted to experience him myself. I didn’t want to believe anything. I was interested to study but not believe. The group challenged me to pray to God through the Holy Spirit. I was stubborn. One day I picked up this Bible from the trash. God nudged me to pick it up. I got to know Him personally through His Word. The Holy Spirit changed my heart.  I believe that our prayers caused God to send the sisters from Australia to come. I want to serve Him too.


I believe my life was in God’s plan. In prison a friend introduced me to the Christian group. Af first, I didn’t want to believe. My friend wouldn’t give up on me. He gave me a Bible to read. For 5 months I was instructed by him. My friend was then released. I continued to study everyday . I began to understand . I got to know Him inside prison. He had this plan that I will get to know Him. I thank God for all who teach us here in prison. I did accept Him as my Lord and Saviour. I have confidence, Jesus is my Lord.

Mukdahan prison

Tawee: (member of team visiting, once an inmate himself)

I understand many things that block us in here. I encourage you to use His Word in here . When we obey , things change. In 1 Cor 3:16 I read that we are a temple of God. We have to look after and care for this temple because God wants to live in us. He wants to give us His Holy Spirit. He will lead us in a miraculous way. I often wandered what I should do to protect this temple . I did drugs and smoked and thought I was great. I also go angry very easily. But now I would like to boast about the power of God. He helped me to overcome. In this situation I want to encourage you. God has a purpose for your life. The only question is what are we going to do? We have to choose. The question is will we obey?

God will restore the things that we have lost. The world says it is foolish but God say we are His children. Use your time to get to know God in here. Many come to know Him inside . Outside we don’t need God, we forget Him. Matthew 6:33 says to first seek the Kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you as well. Praise God.

Supachai: (team minibus driver)

It is my first time in this prison and I am grateful to God to be here. Before I knew Christ I got angry and always just thought about myself. I was easily offended. I was ashamed of my character until I got to know Jesus through my wife. Later we had a problem with our communication. I hoped our family life would be happy . She asked me for a summer vacation but it never came. I had to work so hard. It broke our relationship. We are separated until now. I realised I had to look at myself. I turned to God and spent more time with Him. I prayed more, I asked God why did you allow this to happen? I received a word from a fellow Christian. I was lonely but the sadness disappeared. God gave me His peace. I couldn’t explain this peace but His peace if different from the peace of the world.

The question is? Are you willing to receive this peace? God has given me many things. Friends, driving. It has happened so I could impart God’s love to others. God doesn’t want us to live in the flesh. He renewed communication in my life. I will follow Him and thank Him. Stand firm.


Thank God so we can share today. This is my personal story, it is not much different from others. I was born into a poor family. My father passed away when I was still young. I spent a lot of time with my mum. When I was 21 I went to Bangkok. It was a turning point in my life. I met a missionary from New Zealand who spoke little English. He spoke these words… God loves you. I was drinking a lot at the time. I was touched that God could love me.  I started studying and joined a church. I accepted Christ . When God came to my life I experienced what I had lost and He returned it all to me. In the past I had fear and no hope. In God we have everything we need.


I was born into a warm , well to do family. Everything I needed , I received. It made me a playboy. I became a gangster. I went to a Catholic school. I knew about God but I turned my back on Him. When I was studying at university I got easily offended and was revengeful. At 21 I joined the National military service. The army sent me to the Southern part of Thailand. My experience there made me not afraid of anything. I killed 3 guys and became more cruel. Then I killed 4 more people. God’s love allowed me to come to prison. He stopped me. I realised that God tried to save my life. I am different now, I have peace. I turned back to God and opened my heart to God . I have now lead others to Christ. God makes me sleep well at night. I was a cold blooded murderer. God’s love has filled my heart and I have peace now.


I have known Christ for 35 years and accepted Him when I was 10 years old. My mum became very ill. A Gospel team came to our home to pray. My mother recovered and we joined the church. Later in life I turned my back on God. I did everything out of selfishness. I have a broken family and have been divorced twice. Every time I struggled, I thought about God. My first husband did not accept God. We had a little boy. When he was 1 year old he hit his head against a pole. The doctor said he couldn’t operate. They hoped for a miracle and prayed to God. I was reminded of the Word of God that says where two or three are gathered there I am with them. I asked my husband to pray with me. We tried to pray. Four days later they scanned his brain and the blood had returned. I felt so sinful but I thank God for His mercy. Every time He is good to me but I still turn my back on Him. I don’t worship Him on Sundays. Later we together murdered somebody. I know God loves me. I don’t want to turn away from God again. I want to serve Him.


I want to encourage our brothers to study the Word of God. It is special food.