Feedback Thailand trip March 2016

The team has returned from 2 weeks in Isaan. It is a privilege to provide you with some feedback.  We visited 12 prisons in this region and enjoyed fellowship with 726 inmates. It is impossible to try and share the impact these visits have on us as individuals. The churches behind bars are growing in size and maturity. We have been so blessed by the testimonies of those whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Gospel. The prison visits varied from provincial to central prisons and we saw both men and women during our inside visits.

We enjoyed the warm hospitality and generosity of the Thais once again. We are so excited by the growing momentum of the Thai team as new local pastors and volunteers are being added to the team to follow up with prison visits in the months to come.

Thank you to all who have supported and prayed for us. The 2000km we covered by minibus have been rewarding and a blessing. Part of our joy is the opportunity to baptize those who ask us to.  This year we baptised 161 inmates who wanted to publically declare their faith.

Every individual contribution mattered and as part of the body we get to share in what God is doing in Isaan.

All glory to God.