Hope Behind Bars

There are over 300,000 men and women surviving, under extremely difficult conditions, in Thai prisons.

The majority of them are serving very long sentences for drug related offences. For most of them, unemployed, hungry and desperate, in countries with no social security, the lure of money led them to become a drug mule. Many only did this once, the police were tipped off and they were thrown into jail without payment. Now behind bars, they are very remorseful.

The mission of HBB is to support these prisoners in various ways while they are still in prison, and upon release. Through letters written by volunteers – Words of Hope – the prisoners find renewed strength, hope and encouragement. They experience God’s love through people who care when society and even their own families have often abandoned them.

We Need Your HelpOur future vision includes a working farm Hope Farm and halfway house, which will support prisoners and help them, while on parole, to readjust to life and reintegrate successfully into society.

While we are still a small organisation we are incredibly encouraged by the reaction we have received from the prisoners to date. Mutual support between various ministries here and in Thailand is vital to sustaining the churches behind bars.