Our T-shirt project

In the beginning of 2018 we launched our T-shirt project. Men and women inside prison have many needs. They are issued with a few paper thin shirts to wear and a skirt or short. They don’t have other belongings. During our involvement with prison ministry, the prison authorities in one prison, Sawang Daen Din asked if we could provide a t-shirt for the men and women who belong to the church. These groups within prison are often very well behaved and the authorities take note. Their good influence are felt within the prison.

We are flagging this to you to help us raise funds for this goal. A t-shirt with a Thai and English Bible verse on the back will cost us AU$5. Not only will you provide a much needed item of clothing but your donation will help build unity amongst the believers and spread the Good News through the message it carries.

Please support this project by clicking here.  Choose the churches behind bars as cause. Any amount would be much appreciated.

Let’s see if we can extend this project to impact all the prisons in Isaan. To date we have been able to donate 105 shirts for one prison. Let’s see if we can impact all the prisons in this region.

Thank you for your support.