Perth fundraiser 2017 huge success

What a brilliant picture of glamorous and smiling ladies!  The great news is that the Perth fundraiser was a huge success!

Besides the sales at the Mother’s Day pearl sale, we met an amazing tapestry of people with various stories and needs of prayer,  a dear friend diagnosed with terminal cancer, some just visiting for a cuppa and cake, a UWA professor, a needy lady from Salvador, a Fremantle shop owner, buying our pearls to sell in her shop, walk ins through the local paper advertisements etc. which made it some sort of outreach too which made it extra meaningful.

Dear sisters in Christ, we thank God above all for making this possible, and we want to thank all of you too from the bottom of our hearts for all the hours you spent in pricing the pearls, setting up the room and providing items needed for that, and then full on selling on Wednesday!

You have all truly blessed our Hope behind Perth branch and above all many hundreds of needy prisoners in Thailand who will be glorifying God when they receive this gift from Australia!

With lots of love, blessings and gratitude from Ellen and Marilyn.