What We Do

Our practical outreach involves writing letters of hope, fundraising for the prisoners and visiting them every year.

Currently our teams visit Bangkok and surrounding areas and Isaan. Prisons in Bangkok receive support from a number of organisations. Our expansion to Isaan was motivated by the lack of support for prisoners in the north-east of Thailand.

  • The area of Isaan comprises of 20 provinces and is one of the most unreached areas of the Good News in the world.  The team from Brisbane visits prisons in this area each year.
  • Involving the local pastors and churches forms an integral part of visiting the prisons.
  • The Gideons have been instrumental in providing us with Thai/English Bibles to take into each of the prisons we visit.
  • The training and discipling of leaders in the churches are essential in maintaining the spiritual growth and health of the church behind bars.
  • Each trip provides the opportunity to bring the Gospel to those who have not heard it before.
  • Requests for baptism and communion are also increasing as well as prayer for the sick.

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