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If you would like to become a pen pal to somebody in prison, please contact your nearest Words of Hope facilitator.


Ongoing prayer for the men and women behind bars are essential. They endure much hardship. Pray for:

  • The prisoners in Thai jails, that God would soften their hearts so that they will be receptive to the truth and God’s love for them.
  • For physical wellness and strength to persevere the hardship.
  • Strengthened faith and hope for a future as well as protection against temptation.
  • For the team of Hope Behind Bars Foundation who minister to all the inmates in Isaan.
  • The families of all the prisoners.
  • The prison authorities for grace in handling the prisoners.
  • All the Words of Hope volunteers who write to prisoners, for them to remain faithful in bringing encouragement and speak words of truth into the lives of their pen friends.


Access to funds allows prisoners to purchase basic amenities from the local prison store. The benefits of having access to some sort of financial aid extend well beyond the obvious. We encourage the principle of equal giving and distribution amongst the brothers and sisters behind bars. The more we have to bless them with, the more the individuals receive during our annual visits. Money has to be paid in at the prison office and strict rules are in place regarding the amounts received and names have to be on authorized lists.

We also require finances for fares for those who have served their time and want to go back to their country of origin. Despite being “free” men they are held in Immigration Detention Centres under far worse conditions, until they can provide finances for a fare trip home.  A hand of hope will allow these men and women to truly make a new start. To make a donation please follow the link under give a hand of hope


We are always eagerly collecting the following items:

  • Caps
  • Toothbrushes
  • Australian memorabilia
  • Pens
  • Diaries
  • Calendars

These can be deposited at the various branches in Perth and Brisbane. Please contact us.


There are limited places available for people to join us on our annual mission trips to Thailand. This usually takes place each November (Perth) and  February/March (Brisbane)  for two weeks and are fully self-funded. This is a moving experience. Preference is given to those who are part of the WORDS of HOPE team but please register your interest by contacting a facilitator nearest you for more information.


Social media connects us. We have a presence on FB, Instagram and have a newsletter. Contact us. We also welcome snippets from your letters. E-mail them to us.

Why get involved?

Listen to what the founder of Hope Behind Bars, Ellen Broerse has to say.