In 1994, a Dutch lady Ellen Broerse started corresponding to one man in Bangkwang prison in Thailand. This one act has since developed to embrace hundreds of prisoners in various Thai prisons. The team in Perth has been visiting Thailand since 1995 and focus mainly on prisons in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Many of the inmates both men and women  come from developing countries such as Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Nepal and some African countries. The majority of them are serving LIFE sentences for picking up a parcel containing drugs in Bangkok. Their countries have no social security, so out of sheer despair they became drug mules in order to earn a quick dollar. Most of them were unemployed, hungry and hopeless and had nothing to lose. Many of them only did this once, were tipped off, thrown into jail and were never paid a cent. Now behind bars, they are very remorseful.

Words of Hope team

Through letters written by volunteers, the prisoners find renewed strength, hope and encouragement. They experience God’s love through people who care for and about them, where their own families had often abandoned and forsaken them.

There are currently 3 pen pal branches in Australia, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. There are pen pals scattered throughout various other parts of the world too. Finding enough pen pals remains one of our most pressing needs as it serves as the foundation for this ministry.

2012 expansion to Isaan

This is the year a second team started visiting prisons in Thailand, this time in north-east Isaan. This area is not a popular tourist destination, mostly rural and impoverished but home to about 22 million people. The team visits annually and aim to include about 9 prisons on each route. Every year new prisons are added to the list and expansion opportunities exist to include many more in the future.

There are about 40 prisons in Isaan alone and they vary from provincial, central to high security prisons.